Redgum Rise Subdivision Plan


Redgum Rise is located 368 meters above sea level dividing the Corryong Valley to the East and the Cudgewa Valley to the West the land give a sense of privacy and opportunity. The original Land was originally settled in the 1800s and then farmed in both dairy and beef enterprises since inception.

Corryong and surrounds offer breathtaking views and settings to get back to nature and reconnect with friends and family, whether simply switching off from technology or getting adventurous in the outdoors.

Offering access to pristine rivers, lakes, deep valleys and forested areas to explore. Angling, cycling, 4WD experiences and bushwalking are popular activities.

All selections have completed land capability statements and building entitlements offering a unique ability to cut through red tape and move forward with your dreams.


The climate in Corryong is warm and temperate. A feature of the location is a reliable 800-850mm rainfall, a significant amount of rainfall during the year. This is true even for the driest month.

The area is considered to be one of the safest rural areas in Australia which allows the pursuit of most rural activities, with the extended growing season and a mild winter environment your choices are vast.

Red Gum Rise
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